2014 Prep buddy lunch
2014 Prep buddy lunch
Surf's Up @ Camp Lorne 2014

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Principal's Message

It is with pleasure that I welcome you to Lilydale West Primary School. Our school is highly regarded for the value it places on building and maintaining quality relationships between students, teachers and parents.

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Google @ Lilydale West

Lilydale West have 'set off' on a journey to become a leader in IT innovation through Google Apps for Education.  Click here to find out what this is all about.


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Count Us In

In 2014 the students at Lilydale West are very excited to be participating in the 'Count Us In' initiative.  

Click on the link to discover what this is all about - http://www.musiccountusin.org.au/ 

Click read more to hear 'Paint You A Song' and to view the lyrics. 

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5/6S Community Project

Lilydale West is a major promotor of healthy lifesstyles and sustainability. You MUST check out this video which was created by the students of 5/6S to help communicate the heathy and sustainible lunchbox message to the school community.  Click HERE.   It is AWESOME!

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TIQBIZ @ Lilydale West

Click here to find out about Lilydale West's fantastic 'new age' way of communication between school and home.  Click here for instructions. 

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